Blue Elephant is very nosey and asks all sorts of questions.. Find the questions & answers together or let your child explore alone. Explore and find out things about all the animals - whilst having fun!

In this FREE app you will get to try some of the animals. Blue Elephant will let you know when the full app is available.

Play with the camel’s humps - wack-a-mole - pull the giraffe's tongue - or make the crab walk (hint : he can’t go backward or forward).



  • beautiful handcut interactive illlustrations
  • special soundtrack
  • play and learn
  • find hidden animals in the illustrations
  • non-competative and simple gameplay
  • FREE app contains the Mole, Crab, Camel and Giraffe.
  • FREE app contains a link to the payed version in the appstore when it is available
  • no commercials
  • share animations via social media

LANGUAGES : English, Dutch, German.


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An impression of the other animals


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Blue Elephant is losely based on the illustrated childrens book “BIJ DE NEUS GENOMEN” by Loes Riphagen
(published in the Netherlands in 2015 - in Germany end 2016).

In this very special book with beautifully hand cut illustrations she tells the story of how the elephant got his long nose.

Loes Riphagen is an acclaimed childrens book illlustrator and author. Other books are "Animals Home Alone", "Zzz" and "Little Super Heroes".

You can find more information about this book and how the illustrations are made at


The Blue Elephant app is a publication of
Loes Riphagen & Edition Ultradeluxe.

The original illustrations are from Loes Riphagen
- scenario by Loes Riphagen & Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart
(Edition Ultradeluxe) & design, animation & code by
Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart (Edition Ultradeluxe)

Thanks to these fine people we have
been able to make this app. We are very grateful to all!

Design & development framework, advanced interaction & general technical support - Perry Borst (Spliced gene) & Jasper Kuipers (Kip en Korrel produkties)

Music - Spook FM (Henk van Engelen / Casper Corbee).

Also we would like to thank the following people
for their believe in us, their work & their ongoing support:

Stimuleringsfonds voor de creatieve industrie, Uitgeverij de Fontein,
Anne-Pieter Strikwerda, Maarten & Marbert Kok, Jip van den Toorn, Kees Riphagen (Rotterdam Film), Olivier Oosterbaan, Kajsa Blomberg, Hans Balhuizen, Koosje Kuperus, Yevgeniya Yarmysh & Manna Nasht.

This project has also been made possible by :


If you have any questions or you’d like to tell us something
- we’d love to hear from you!
You can contact us at

Jacob van Lennepkade 235 H • 1054 ZR Amsterdam